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Integrated Planning in Public Transport (DFG Research Group FOR 2083)

Project TPM: Optimization of Dispatching in Case of Disruptions from a Passenger's View

Participants in Halle

  • Prof. Dr. Matthias Müller-Hannemann (Projektleiter)
  • Ralf Rückert (Projektmitarbeiter)


Disturbances permanently occur in public transport for various reasons. This project is devoted to disposition in case of delays. The task of disposition is to adapt the schedule to the current side conditions. In practice, no optimizing tools are used for disposition. Instead, human disponents decide on the basis of their experience.

The central goal of this project is to lay out the foundations for an optimized disposition, which, in case of disruptions, makes decisions in a passenger-friendly way. A crucial aspect is a very fine-grained modelling and treatment of passenger flows. Ideally, for each single passenger, their planned connection is considered. This leads to large-scale network flow models and complex mathematical optimization problems with unreliable and incomplete information, which nevertheless have to be solved in real time. Important subproblems include the efficient search of robust alternative connections and an improved forecast of delays on the basis of the current state.

Applying methods of Algorithm Engineering we will develop new and highly efficient solution methods. Another goal is the examination of the effects of disruptions on passenger flows and the development of quality measures for the offered public transport. In particular, we will analyse major disruptions.

Apart from long-distance and regional train traffic we will consider long-distance bus transport as well as local urban transport (busses, trams) in an integrated way. This requires the development of new models and methods for a disposition across different transport companies.