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Train Disposition

Project: TARR - Partial automation of train disposition with realistic passenger flows
(funded by Deutsche Bahn, 2014-2015)

Small and larger disruptions due to bad weather, technical problems or accidents occur everyday in public train transport. In case of delays, the fundamental question is wether a train should wait for a delayed feeder train or not. This is the core problem of train disposition. Disponents who have to make these decisions are typically faced with a trade-off: If they ensure the connection, they make those passengers happy who get their train. But simultaneously other passengers in the waiting train will be delayed, too. And these passengers might miss their connection later on. The central goal of this project is therefore the development of new tools which are able to support disponents to make decisioins upon dispostions in an optimal way from a passenger's point of view.



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  • Ralf Rückert, Martin Lemnian, Steffen Rechner, Christoph Blendinger, and Matthias Müller-Hannemann
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    to appear in Proceedings of CASPT 2015, Rotterdam.