Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

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Nachfolgend finden Sie eine Übersicht der Themen, zu denen die verschiedenen Arbeitsgruppen des Instituts forschen.

Automation Technology

Modeling of discrete event and hybrid systems, Formal synthesis of controllers, Control of production systems, Distributed control, Verification

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sequence, chIP-chip, and expression data analysis, machine learning,
Bayesian statistics

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Bioinformatics and Pattern Recognition

Image analysis focusing on registration, segmentation, matching, and tracking for life science applications and human-machine interfaces.
Statistical approaches to model and predict DNA signals, e.g. transcription factor or nucleosome binding sites.

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Computer Graphics

algebraic surfaces, real time ray tracing, CPU programming, scientific visualization, virtual reality

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Databases and Information Systems

Deductive Databases, Nonmonotonic Reasoning, Logic and Functional Programming, Analysis of SQL Queries, Data/Text Mining, Fractal Data Analysis, Web and Document Search

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Algorithm Engineering

Algorithm Engineering, graph algorithms, combinatorial optimization,  parallel algorithms

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Computer Architecture and Hardware Design

IT-security, hardware-verification, combinatorial optimization,
validation of instruction control units for railways, computer sciences
and humanities

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Software-Engineering and Programming Languages

Domain-specific Languages, Model-based Code Generation, Cloud Computing, Service Oriented Architectures, Compiler and Model-Based Code Generators (in particular their verification), Verification and Validation of Component Systems and Service Oriented Architectures

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Theoretical Computer Science

Automata on infinite objects, Algorithmic Information Theory, Formal Languages, and Fractals

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