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Central German Meeting on Bioinformatics 2015

Institute of Computer Science, Halle (Saale), August 26-27, 2015

Bioinformatics groups in the region of central Germany, and especially in the three cities of Halle, Jena, and Leipzig, cover a broad spectrum of topics in bioinformatics research. This meeting shall bring together scientists from central Germany, foster exchange between our groups, and provide an opportunity to stimulate ongoing and to plan future collaborations. The Central German Meeting on Bioinformatics 2015 has its origins in workshops of the Jena Centre for Bioinformatics and is the first meeting in a series of annual meetings organized at Halle, Jena, and Leipzig. The meeting language is English.

We would like to invite abstracts for talks and posters on advances and challenges of current bioinformatics research. The meeting is open to contributions from all areas of bioinformatics. Abstracts should be at most one page long including references, should use the provided template, and should be submitted via easychair.

Meeting Leaflet and Abstract Book

Leaflet with program and list of posters (printed version provided at registration desk)
leaflet.pdf (externe Datei)

Abstract book with list of keynotes and abstracts of invited talks, contributed talks and posters
abstract_book.pdf (externe Datei)

Organizing institutions

Supporting Institutions & Sponsors


ScienceCampus Plant-Based Bioeconomy Halle









Participation in CGMB 2015 is free of charge.

However, we would kindly ask you to register for the meeting to give us an estimate of the number of participants we can expect.

Online registration is closed, but it will still be possible to register on-site.


When preparing your abstract, please use the following templates:

Using one of these templates, the length of your abstract (including references) must not exceed one page. Submission is PDF-only via EasyChair. If you use the Word template, please convert the final abstract to PDF format before submitting it.

When submitting an abstract, please indicate your favored type of presentation (talk or poster). Authors of accepted talk abstracts will be invited by the program committee to make either an oral presentation or a poster presentation. By submitting an abstract, authors agree on publication of abstracts on the meeting website.

Submission is closed.




Francois Buscot

Keynote: New perspectives and challenges in plant-soil ecology research at
the age of next generation sequencing
11:00Daniel Arende!DAL - A new approach to publish your data
11:25Sarah BerkemerRemolding and Evolution of tRNA genes in Eukaryotes
11:50Lunch break
13:20Stefan Schuster (invited)The Fibonacci code in lipidomics
13:45Christoph RuttkiesClassification of reliable MetFrag candidate identifications for tandem mass
spectra from selected lipid samples
14:10Jan EwaldDynamic optimization: a powerful approach to elucidate optimality principles within metabolism
14:35Guillermo RestrepoGreen chemical fitness landscapes
15:00Coffee break
15:30Manja Marz (invited)Challenges in virus genomics
15:55Markus FleischauerBad Character Deletion Supertrees
16:20Konstantin RiegeBasal fungi phylogeny reconstructed by proteome, rRNA, RNome and mitochondrial genes
16:45Martin NettlingImproving phylogenetic footprinting by neglecting evolution



Nicole van Dam

Keynote: Managing multiple menaces: Transcriptomics and metabolomics analysis of multiple stress responses in plants
09:45Christoph SchusterWhole transcriptome analysis of rare, meristematic plant cell populations
using laser capture microscopy followed by strand-specific total RNA-Seq
10:10Time for discussions with coffee
11:05Steve Hoffmann (invited)Cancer Epigenomics - attempts to disentangle methylation, histone modification and transcription
11:30Ivo HedtkeOptimal Block-Based Trimming for Next Generation Sequencing
11:55Christian Hoener zu SiederdissenGeneralized Algebraic Dynamic Programming
12:20Lunch break
13:50Peter Stadler (invited)Orthology, Paralogy, and Cographs: How to use paralogs in phylogenomics
14:15Sebastian GermerodtPervasive selection for cooperative cross-feeding in bacterial communities
14:40Martin PorschDe-Novo Transcriptome Analysis and Characterization of Juncus effusus with
a Multi-Module Bioinformatics Pipeline
15:05Coffee break
15:35Frank JühlingFast and sensitive detection of differential DNA methylation

Rainer König

Keynote: Inferring sample specific regulators for the genes of interest using
gene expression data and chromatin binding information
16:45-17:00Closing remarks

Key Dates

July 15, 2015Due date for submission of abstracts (submission closed)
July 24, 2015Author notification about oral or poster presentation
August 26-27, 2015Central German Meeting on Bioinformatics 2015

Program Committee

Sebastian Böcker, Jena
Andreas Gogol-Döring, Halle/Leipzig
Jan Grau, Halle
Ivo Grosse, Halle
Jörg Hackermüller, Leipzig
Alexander Hinneburg, Halle
Steve Hoffmann, Leipzig
Janet Kelso, Leipzig
Birgitta König-Ries, Jena
Manja Marz, Jena
Martin Middendorf, Leipzig
Steffen Neumann, Halle
Stefan Posch, Halle
Uwe Scholz, Gatersleben
Stefan Schuster, Jena
Peter Stadler, Leipzig
Wolf Zimmermann, Halle

Organizing Committee

Jan Grau
Ivo Grosse
Alexander Hinneburg
Steffen Neumann
Stefan Posch


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Directions to von-Seckendorff-Platz 1, Institute of Computer Science for CGMB2015

Directions to von-Seckendorff-Platz 1, Institute of Computer Science for CGMB2015


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