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Ludwig Staiger is external researcher of the Centre for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science.

L. Staiger und K.W. Wagner
The Forty Nine KURATOWSKI Lattices in the CANTOR Space
Report 573, 11/2023
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Ludwig Staiger
Topologies for Finite Words: Compatibility with the CANTOR Topology
Report 568, 11/2022
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C.S. Calude and  L. Staiger
Long and Short Proofs
Report 561, 02/2022

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C.S. Calude, K.F. Celine, Z. Gao, S. Jain, L. Staiger and F. Stephan
Bi-immunity over Different Size Alphabets
Report 552, 03/2021
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H. Jürgensen and L. Staiger
Automata for Solid Codes
Report 550, 02/2021

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Ludwig Staiger
On the Generative Power of Quasiperiods
Report 548, 10/2020

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Ludwig Staiger
On the Incomputability of Computable Dimension
Report 535, 05/2019

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R. Freund and L. Staiger
Turing Machines with Activations of Transitions
Report 534, 05/2019
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Ludwig Staiger
Quasiperiods of infinite words
Report 509, 08/2017

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C.S. Calude and L. Staiger
A Simple Construction of Absolutely Disjunctive Liouville Numbers
Report 505, 03/2017
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Ludwig Staiger
Exact Constructive and Computable Dimensions
Report 502, 10/2016
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S. Hoffmann, S. Schwarz and L. Staiger
Shift-Invariant Topologies for the Cantor Space Xω
Report 501, 9/2016

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Ludwig Staiger
Bounds on the Kolmogorov complexity function for infinite words.
Report 494, 1/2016
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S. Hoffmann and L. Staiger
Subword Metrics for Infinite Words.
Report 484, 5/2015
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R. Polley and L. Staiger,
Quasiperiods, subword complexity and the smallest Pisot number.
Report 479, 3/2015

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Ludwig Staiger,
On the Hausdorff measure of regular ω-languages in Cantor space.
Report 459, 04/2014
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C.S. Calude and L. Staiger,
Liouville numbers, Borel normality and Martin-Löf-randomness
Report 448, 12/2013
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C.S. Calude, L. Staiger and F. Stephan,
Finite state incompressible infinite sequences.
Report 444, 11/2013
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Ludwig Staiger,
A correspondence principle for exact constructive dimension.
Report 419, 04/2012
419ludwig.pdf    (externe Datei)

Ludwig Staiger,
Asymptotic subword complexity.
Report 412, 11/2011
412ludwig.pdf    (externe Datei)

Ludwig Staiger,
On oscillation-free Chaitin h-random sequences.
Report 411, 11/2011
411ludwig.pdf    (externe Datei)

Ludwig Staiger,
Constructive dimension and Hausdorff dimension:
The case of exact dimension.
Report 402, 4/2011
402ludwig.pdf    (externe Datei)

R. Polley and L. Staiger,
The maximal subword complexity of quasiperiodic infinite words.
Report 386, 6/2010
386ludwig.pdf    (externe Datei)

S. Schwarz and L. Staiger,
Topologies refining the Cantor topology on Xω.
Report 385, 6/2010
385ludwig.pdf    (externe Datei)

J. Mielke and L. Staiger,
On oscillation-free ε-random sequences II.
Report 366, 7/2009
366joeran.pdf    (externe Datei)

C.S. Calude and L. Staiger,
A note on accelerated Turing machines,
Report 350, 2/2009
350cris.pdf    (externe Datei)

C.S. Calude, H. Jürgensen and L. Staiger,
Topology on Words.
Report 338, 11/2008
338cris.pdf    (externe Datei)

Jöran Mielke,
Refined bounds on Kolmorgorov complexity for ω-languages.
Report 335, 09/2008
335joeran.pdf    (externe Datei)

Ludwig Staiger,
On oscillation-free ε-random sequences.
Report 334, 09/2008
334ludwig.pdf    (externe Datei)

C.S. Calude, A. Nies, L. Staiger and F. Stephan,
Universal recursively enumerable sets of strings.
Report 326, 06/2008
326cris.pdf    (externe Datei)

Cristian S. Calude and Ludwig Staiger,
On universal computably enumerable prefix codes.
Report 312, 10/2007
312cris.pdf    (externe Datei)

Ludwig Staiger,
Prefix-free Lukasiewicz languages.
Report 298, 01/2007
298ludwig.pdf    (externe Datei)

Ludwig Staiger,
On maximal prefix codes.
Report 280, 05/2006
280ludwig.pdf    (externe Datei)

Ludwig Staiger,
The Kolmogorov complexity of infinite words.
Report 279, 05/2006
279ludwig.pdf    (externe Datei)

Sibylle Schwarz
Lukasiewicz Logics and Weighted Logics over MV-Semirings.
Report 278, 05/2006
278schwarz.pdf    (externe Datei)

Ludwig Staiger,
Hausdorff measure and Lukasiewicz languages.
Report 272, 11/2005
272staiger.pdf    (externe Datei)

Ludwig Staiger,
Infinite iterated function systems in Cantor space and the Hausdorff measure of ω-power languages.
Report 264, 04/2005
264ludwig.pdf    (externe Datei)

M.R. Titchener, A. Gulliver, R. Nicolescu, U. Speidel and L. Staiger
Deterministic complexity and entropy.
Report 255, 12/2004
255titchener.pdf    (externe Datei)

C.S. Calude, L. Staiger and S.A. Terwijn
On partial randomness.
Report 239, 04/2004
239cris.pdf    (externe Datei)

H. Jürgensen, L. Staiger and H. Yamasaki
Finite automata encoding geometric figures.
Report 237, 04/2004
237ludwig.pdf    (externe Datei)

Cristian S. Calude and Ludwig Staiger
Generalisations of disjunctive sequences.
Report 218, 06/2003
218cris.pdf    (externe Datei)

C.S. Calude, L. Staiger and K. Svozil
Randomness relative to Cantor expansions.
Report 213, 04/2003
213cris.pdf    (externe Datei)

Ludwig Staiger,
Constructive dimension equals Kolmogorov complexity.
Report 210, 01/2003
210staiger.pdf    (externe Datei)

C.S. Calude, S. Marcus and L. Staiger,
A topological characterization of random sequences.
Report  197. 10/2002
197cris.pdf    (externe Datei)

Ludwig Staiger,
Weighted finite automata and metrics in Cantor space.
Report 196, 10/2002
196staiger.pdf    (externe Datei)

Ludwig Staiger,
The entropy of Lukasiewicz languages.
Report 192, 08/2002
192staiger.pdf    (externe Datei)

Ludwig Staiger and Hideki Yamasaki,
A simple example of an ω-language topologically inequivalent to a regular one.
Report 191, 07/2002
191staiger.pdf    (externe Datei)

Ludwig Staiger,
How large is the set of disjunctive sequences?.
Report 175, 01/2002
175staiger.pdf    (externe Datei)

Ludwig Staiger,
The Kolmogorov complexity of Liouville numbers.
Report 096, 03/1999
096Staiger.pdf    (externe Datei)

Ludwig Staiger,
The Hausdorff measure of regular ω-languages is computable.
Report 088, 08/1998
088ludwig.pdf    (externe Datei)

C.S. Calude, L. Priese and L. Staiger,
Disjunctive sequences: An overview.
Report 063, 10/1997
063cris.pdf    (externe Datei)

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