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Technical Reports in Theoretical Computer Science


18-01 Reinhardt, K., Staiger, L. und Winter, R. (Hrsg.)
76. Workshop Algorithmen und Komplexität
und 28. Theorietag Automaten und Formale Sprachen


16-01 Freund, R., Ivanov, S. and Staiger, L.
Going Beyond Turing with P Automata: Regular Observer ω-Languages
and Partial Adult Halting


15-02 Calude, C.S. and Staiger, L.
Liouville, Computable, Borel Normal and Martin-Löf Random Numbers


14-03 Staiger, L.
On the Hausdorff Measure of Regular ω-languages in Cantor Space

Jürgensen H. and Staiger, L.
Fault-Tolerant Acceptors for Solid Codes


12-01 Staiger, L.
A Correspondence Principle for Exact Constructive Dimension


11-10 Staiger,L.
On Oscillation-free Chaitin h-random sequences
11-09 Staiger, L.
Asymptotic Subword Complexity
11-07 Staiger, L.
Constructive Dimension and Hausdorff Dimension:
The Case of Exact Dimension


10-02 Polley, R. and Staiger, L.
The Maximal Subword Complexity of Quasiperiodic Infinite Words
10-01 Schwarz, S. and Staiger, L.
Topologies refining the Cantor topology on Xω


09-03 Mielke, J., Staiger, L. and Winter R. (Hrsg.)
19. Theorietag "Automaten und Formale Sprachen"
09-02 Mielke, J. and Staiger, L.:
On Oscillation-free ε-random Sequences II


08-08 Schwarz, S.
22nd Workshop on (Constraint) Logic Programming
08-03 Staiger, L.
On Oscillation-free ε-random Sequences
08-02 Mielke, J.
Refined Bounds on Kolmogorov Complexity for ω-Languages


07-01 Calude C.S. and Staiger, L.
On Universal Computably Enumerable Prefix Codes


06-07 Staiger, L.
The Kolmogorov Complexity of Infinite Words


05-11 Staiger, L.
Hausdorff Measure and Lukasiewicz Languages


04-04 Calude C.S., Staiger, L. and Svozil K.
Randomness Relative to Cantor Expansions
04-03 Jürgensen, H., Staiger, L. and Yamasaki, H.
Finite Automata Encoding Geometric Figures
04-02 Calude C.S., Staiger, L.
Generalisations of Disjunctive Sequences
04-01 Blaar, H., Karnstedt, M., Lange, T and Winter, R.:
Possibilities to solve the clique problem by thread parallelism using task pools


02-03 Mazala, R., Staiger, L. und Winter, R. (Hrsg.):
12. Theorietag "Automaten und Formale Sprachen"
02-02 Staiger, L.
How Large is the Set of Disjunctive Sequences?


01-02 Staiger, L.:
Topologies for the Set of Disjunctive ω-words
01-01 Winter, R.
Kryptoalgorithmen unter Ausnutzung der Komplexität des Clique-Problems


00-04 Fernau, H. and Stiebe, R.:
Valences in Parallel Systems
00-03 Fernau, H., Reinhardt, K. and Staiger, L.:
Decidability of Code Properties
00-02 Moriya, T.
Closure  under Composition and Syntactic Monoids of some Codes


99-09 Freund, R. and Staiger, L.
Acceptance of ω-Languages by Communicating Deterministic Turing Machines
99-07 Yamasaki, H.:
Logical Characterization of Petri Net ω-Languages
99-06 Fernau, H. and Staiger, L.:
Iterated Function Systems and Control Languages
99-05 Staiger, L.:
On the Power of Reading the Whole Infinite Input Tape
99-04 Staiger, L.
The Kolmogorov Complexity of Liouville Numbers
99-03 Staiger, L.
How much can you win when your adversary is handicapped?


98-06 Fernau, H. and Stiebe, R.
Regulation by Valences
98-04 Staiger, L.
The Hausdorff Measure of Regular ω-languages is Computable
98-01 Staiger, L.
Rich ω-Words and Monadic Second-Order Arithmetic


97-02 Staiger, L.


96-05 Molitor, P., Näher, S., Rojas, R. und Staiger, L.
Beiträge zur Informatik - Vier Artikel Herrn Prof. Karl-Heinz Rauchhaus zum 60. Geburtstag gewidmet


95-04 Head,T. and Weber, A.
Deciding Multiset Decipherability