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Ludwig Staiger is external researcher of the Centre for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science.

Ludwig Staiger
Topologies for Finite Words: Compatibility with the CANTOR Topology
Report 568, 11/2022
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C.S. Calude and  L. Staiger
Long and Short Proofs
Report 561, 02/2022

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C.S. Calude, K.F. Celine, Z. Gao, S. Jain, L. Staiger and F. Stephan
Bi-immunity over Different Size Alphabets
Report 552, 03/2021
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H. Jürgensen and L. Staiger
Automata for Solid Codes
Report 550, 02/2021

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Ludwig Staiger
On the Generative Power of Quasiperiods
Report 548, 10/2020

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Ludwig Staiger
On the Incomputability of Computable Dimension
Report 535, 05/2019

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R. Freund and L. Staiger
Turing Machines with Activations of Transitions
Report 534, 05/2019
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Ludwig Staiger
Quasiperiods of infinite words
Report 509, 08/2017

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C.S. Calude and L. Staiger
A Simple Construction of Absolutely Disjunctive Liouville Numbers
Report 505, 03/2017
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Ludwig Staiger
Exact Constructive and Computable Dimensions
Report 502, 10/2016
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S. Hoffmann, S. Schwarz and L. Staiger
Shift-Invariant Topologies for the Cantor Space Xω
Report 501, 9/2016

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Ludwig Staiger
Bounds on the Kolmogorov complexity function for infinite words.
Report 494, 1/2016
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S. Hoffmann and L. Staiger
Subword Metrics for Infinite Words.
Report 484, 5/2015
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R. Polley and L. Staiger,
Quasiperiods, subword complexity and the smallest Pisot number.
Report 479, 3/2015

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Ludwig Staiger,
On the Hausdorff measure of regular ω-languages in Cantor space.
Report 459, 04/2014
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C.S. Calude and L. Staiger,
Liouville numbers, Borel normality and Martin-Löf-randomness
Report 448, 12/2013
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C.S. Calude, L. Staiger and F. Stephan,
Finite state incompressible infinite sequences.
Report 444, 11/2013
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Ludwig Staiger,
A correspondence principle for exact constructive dimension.
Report 419, 04/2012
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Ludwig Staiger,
Asymptotic subword complexity.
Report 412, 11/2011
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Ludwig Staiger,
On oscillation-free Chaitin h-random sequences.
Report 411, 11/2011
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Ludwig Staiger,
Constructive dimension and Hausdorff dimension:
The case of exact dimension.
Report 402, 4/2011
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R. Polley and L. Staiger,
The maximal subword complexity of quasiperiodic infinite words.
Report 386, 6/2010
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S. Schwarz and L. Staiger,
Topologies refining the Cantor topology on Xω.
Report 385, 6/2010
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J. Mielke and L. Staiger,
On oscillation-free ε-random sequences II.
Report 366, 7/2009
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C.S. Calude and L. Staiger,
A note on accelerated Turing machines,
Report 350, 2/2009
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C.S. Calude, H. Jürgensen and L. Staiger,
Topology on Words.
Report 338, 11/2008
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Jöran Mielke,
Refined bounds on Kolmorgorov complexity for ω-languages.
Report 335, 09/2008
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Ludwig Staiger,
On oscillation-free ε-random sequences.
Report 334, 09/2008
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C.S. Calude, A. Nies, L. Staiger and F. Stephan,
Universal recursively enumerable sets of strings.
Report 326, 06/2008
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Cristian S. Calude and Ludwig Staiger,
On universal computably enumerable prefix codes.
Report 312, 10/2007
312cris.pdf    (externe Datei)

Ludwig Staiger,
Prefix-free Lukasiewicz languages.
Report 298, 01/2007
298ludwig.pdf    (externe Datei)

Ludwig Staiger,
On maximal prefix codes.
Report 280, 05/2006
280ludwig.pdf    (externe Datei)

Ludwig Staiger,
The Kolmogorov complexity of infinite words.
Report 279, 05/2006
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Sibylle Schwarz
Lukasiewicz Logics and Weighted Logics over MV-Semirings.
Report 278, 05/2006
278schwarz.pdf    (externe Datei)

Ludwig Staiger,
Hausdorff measure and Lukasiewicz languages.
Report 272, 11/2005
272staiger.pdf    (externe Datei)

Ludwig Staiger,
Infinite iterated function systems in Cantor space and the Hausdorff measure of ω-power languages.
Report 264, 04/2005
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M.R. Titchener, A. Gulliver, R. Nicolescu, U. Speidel and L. Staiger
Deterministic complexity and entropy.
Report 255, 12/2004
255titchener.pdf    (externe Datei)

C.S. Calude, L. Staiger and S.A. Terwijn
On partial randomness.
Report 239, 04/2004
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H. Jürgensen, L. Staiger and H. Yamasaki
Finite automata encoding geometric figures.
Report 237, 04/2004
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Cristian S. Calude and Ludwig Staiger
Generalisations of disjunctive sequences.
Report 218, 06/2003
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C.S. Calude, L. Staiger and K. Svozil
Randomness relative to Cantor expansions.
Report 213, 04/2003
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Ludwig Staiger,
Constructive dimension equals Kolmogorov complexity.
Report 210, 01/2003
210staiger.pdf    (externe Datei)

C.S. Calude, S. Marcus and L. Staiger,
A topological characterization of random sequences.
Report  197. 10/2002
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Ludwig Staiger,
Weighted finite automata and metrics in Cantor space.
Report 196, 10/2002
196staiger.pdf    (externe Datei)

Ludwig Staiger,
The entropy of Lukasiewicz languages.
Report 192, 08/2002
192staiger.pdf    (externe Datei)

Ludwig Staiger and Hideki Yamasaki,
A simple example of an ω-language topologically inequivalent to a regular one.
Report 191, 07/2002
191staiger.pdf    (externe Datei)

Ludwig Staiger,
How large is the set of disjunctive sequences?.
Report 175, 01/2002
175staiger.pdf    (externe Datei)

Ludwig Staiger,
The Kolmogorov complexity of Liouville numbers.
Report 096, 03/1999
096Staiger.pdf    (externe Datei)

Ludwig Staiger,
The Hausdorff measure of regular ω-languages is computable.
Report 088, 08/1998
088ludwig.pdf    (externe Datei)

C.S. Calude, L. Priese and L. Staiger,
Disjunctive sequences: An overview.
Report 063, 10/1997
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