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Research Interests

  • Automata on infinite objects
  • Algorithmic Information Theory
  • Fractal geometry
  • Computability in Analysis
  • Error-correcting codes

Forschungsportal Sachsen-Anhalt (only German)

Ludwig Staiger   

Conferences (organised)

76. Workshop Algorithms and Complexity
aund 28. Theorietag Automata und Formal Languages
(in German only)
2018, Wittenberg

19. Theorietag "Automata and Formal Languages 2009"    (in German only)
2009, Wittenberg

22nd Workshop on (Constraint) Logic Programming
2008, Dresden

Sixth International Workshop on Computability and Complexity in Analysis   
2004, Wittenberg

12. Theorietag "Automata and Formal Languages"    (in German only)
2002, Wittenberg

Invited lectures

Oded Maler Memorial Day   
Grenoble, September 19, 2019

20th International Conference on
Descriptional Complexity of Formal Systems (DCFS 2018)   

Halifax, July 25-27 2018

Quantitative Logics and Automata   
DFG Research and Training Group 1763
Research Seminar   
ω-automata: Topology and Measure
Leipzig, December 1, 2015

Jewels of Automata: from Mathematics to Applications   
AutoMathA 2015
Leipzig, 6. - 9. Mai 2015

EQUINOCS meeting   
The entropy of (formal) languages and dimensions of subsets in CANTOR space
January 23, 2013, Grenoble

International Workshop on Theoretical Computer Science   
2012, Auckland

7th Workshop Descriptional Complexity of Formal Systems
(DCFS 2005)
2005, Como, Italy

Weighted Automata: Theory and Applications (WATA 2004)
2004, Dresden

17th "Summer" Topology Conference   
2002, Auckland

Workshop on Constructivity, Complexity, and Fuzziness
1999, Galatzi, Romania