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Birgit Möller and Stefan Posch. A mosaic-based visual memory with applications to active scene exploration. In Proc. of Mirage, Computer Vision / Computer Graphics Collaboration Techniques and Applications, pages 117-125, INRIA Rocquencourt, France, March 2005.
Moeller05_Mirage.pdf (externe Datei)

Birgit Möller and Stefan Posch. Visual scene memory based on multi-mosaics. In Dietrich Paulus and Detlev Droege, editors, Mixed-reality as a challenge to image understanding and artificial intelligence, pages 27-32, Koblenz, 2005. Universität Koblenz-Landau, Institut für Informatik.
posch05:KI.pdf (externe Datei)

Jörg Weitzenberg and Stefan Posch. Using Hidden-Markov-Models to analyze Concentrations from Biosensor Curves. In Proc. Int. Conference Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition, & Applications, pages 98-103, Rhodes, 2003. IASTED.
posch03:iasted.pdf (externe Datei)

Birgit Möller and Stefan Posch. Analysis of object interactions in dynamic scenes. In L. van Gool, editor, Pattern Recognition. 24. DAGM-Symposium, LNCS 2449, pages 361-369, Zurich, Switzerland, September 2002. Springer.
Moeller02:dagm.pdf (externe Datei)

Birgit Möller and Stefan Posch. Detection and tracking of moving objects for mosaic image generation. In B. Radig and S. Florczyk, editors, Pattern Recognition, Proc. of 23rd DAGM Symposium, LNCS 2191, pages 208-215, Munich, Germany, September 2001. Springer.
Moeller01:dagm.pdf (externe Datei)

Daniel Schlüter, Sven Wachsmuth, Gerhard Sagerer, and Stefan Posch. Towards an integrated framework for contour-based grouping and object recognition using markov random fields. In Proc. International Conference on Image Processing, volume II, pages 100-103. IEEE, 2000. (externe Datei)

Daniel Schlüter, Franz Kummert, Gerhard Sagerer, and Stefan Posch. Integration of regions and contours for object recognition. In Proc. International Conference on Pattern Recognition, volume 1, pages 944-947. IEEE, 2000. (externe Datei)

Jörg Weitzenberg, Stefan Posch, and Manfred Rost. Diskrete Hidden Markov Modelle zur Analyse von Meßkurven amperometrischer Biosensoren. In Gerald Sommer, Norbert Krüger, and Christian Perwass, editors, Mustererkennug 2000. Proceedings 22. DAGM-Symposium, Informatik Aktuell, pages 317-324. Springer, 2000. (externe Datei)

Friedrich Ackermann, Grit Herrmann, Stefan Posch, and Gerhard Sagerer. Estimation and filtering of potential protein-protein docking positions. Bioinformatics, 14(2):196-205, 1998. (externe Datei)

Daniel Schlüter and Stefan Posch. Combining contour and region information for perceptual grouping. In P. Levi, R.-J. Ahlers, F. May, and M. Schanz, editors,  Mustererkennug 1998. Proceedings 20. DAGM-Symposium, Informatik Aktuell, pages 393-401. Springer, 1998. (externe Datei)

Stefan Posch and Daniel Schlüter. Perceptual grouping using markov random fields and cue integration of contour and region information. Technical Report 98/10, SFB 360, Universität Bielefeld, 1998. (externe Datei)

A. Maßmann, S. Posch, G. Sagerer, and D. Schlüter. Using markov random fields for contour-based grouping. In Proc. International Conference on Image Processing, volume II, pages 207-210. IEEE, 1997. (externe Datei)

Thorsten Bomberg and Stefan Posch. Regionensegmentierung von Farbbildfolgen. In E. Paulus and F.M.Wahl, editors, Mustererkennug 1997. Proceedings 19. DAGM-Symposium, Informatik Aktuell, pages 63-70. Springer, 1997. (externe Datei)

F. Ackermann, A. Maßmann, S. Posch, G. Sagerer, and D. Schlüter. Perceptual grouping of contour segments using markov random fields. International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis, 7(1):11-17, 1997. (externe Datei)