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Mosaic Images

Mosaic images are used to compactly represent image sequence data acquired with active cameras.


Statistical Analysis of Microarray Data

DNA-Microarrays, respectively DNA-Chips, are a high-throughput technique  for measuring mRNA expression levels. It is used for testing for  different cancer types and for analysis of gene function in cell- and  tumour research.

Correction of Overshining Effects in cDNA Microarrays

In cDNA-Microarrays the quantitative evaluation of signals of single  spots is often severly influenced by strong signals in their  neighborhood, which is called overshining and which needs to be  compensated for reliable results.

Root Detection in Minirhizotron Images

Automatic analysis of minirhizotron images of root systems to aid the  investigation of environmental factors for the develoment of plants.


Predict position and strength of protein-protein interactions from known 3D structures for the rigid and flexibe case.

Perceptual Grouping

Exploit Gestalt laws for  perceptual grouping of contour primitives within a grouping hierarchy  using Markov Random Fields. Additionally, region information is  integrated and dynamic issues of image sequences are treated.

Amperometric Biosensors

Analysis of amperometric signals from biosensors using Hidden Markov Models to determine the concentration of various analyts.