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Programm and abstract booklet
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We plan 30 minutes for each project (20-25 minutes for the talk and 5-10 minutes for discussion).

16. Juni 2010

14:00Opening and Welcome Address
(Stefan Posch, Director of the Institute for Computer Science)
14:15Keynote lecture:
Camil Demetrescu (University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy)

Algorithmic challenges in dynamic program analysis
Session 1
15:15Manuel Holtgrewe (FU Berlin):
Bridging the gap between algorithmic research and bioinformatics applications
15:45Robert Zeranski and Martin Mundhenk (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena):
Algorithm Engineering for MONET and related covering problems
16:15Coffee break
Session 2
16:45Martin Niemeier (EPF Lausanne) and Andreas Wiese (TU Berlin):
Solving an avionics real-time scheduling problem by advanced IP methods
17:30Robert Görke (KIT Karlsruhe):
Modularity-driven clustering of dynamic graphs
18:00Henning Meyerhenke (Universität Paderborn):
Advances in diffusion-based partitioning and clustering
18:30Short Break
18:45Business Meeting

17. Juni 2010

Session 3
08:30Kati Wolter (ZIB):
Exact Integer Programming
09:00Frank Baumann (TU Dortmund):
Non-linear optimization with SCIL
09:30Benjamin Doerr, Marvin Künnemann, Magnus Wahlström (MPI Informatik Saarbrücken):
News from randomized rounding
10:00Martin Bergner and Marco Lübbecke (TU Darmstadt):
Detecting structures in mixed integer programs
10:30Coffee break
Session 4
11:00Johannes Krugel (TU München):
Approximate Pattern Matching - A test instance generator
11:30Claudius Jähn (Universität Paderborn):
Exploiting 3d scene parametrization for efficient rendering
12:00Stephan Kottler, Michael Kaufmann and Christian Zielke (Tübingen):
Beyond unit propagation in SAT solving
12:30Lunch break
Session 5
14:00Hoi-Ming Wong (TU Dortmund):
Crossing minimization and layouts of directed hypergraphs with port constraints
14:30Wiebke Höhn and Rolf H. Möhring (TU Berlin):
Combining sequencing and scheduling
15:00Lasse Kliemann (Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel):
Hypergraph b-matching and experimental studies of streaming algorithms for graph matching
15:30Coffee break
Session 6
16:00Johannes Blömer (Universität Paderborn), Morteza Monemizadeh (TU Dortmund):
Part I: New results on Bregman and agglomerative clustering
Part II: 1-pass relative-error L_p sampling with applications
Social Event
18:00Reception and guided tour Art Museum Moritzburg
19:00Conference Dinner

18. Juni 2010

Session 7
09:00Annabell Berger (Martin-Luther Universität Halle-Wittenberg):
Fully dynamic scenarios: Speed-up techniques and stochastic forecast for optimal path search and train disposition
09:30Marc Goerigk and Anita Schöbel (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen):
Generic robust optimization
10:00Claudia Dieckmann (FU Berlin):
Application-oriented geometric algorithms: Detection of approximate symmetries
10:30Coffee Break
Session 8
11:00Ulrich Meyer (Goethe Universität Frankfurt):
Energy-efficient sorting using solid state disks
11:30Stefan Edelkamp (Universität Bremen), Jyrki Katajainen, Jens Rasmussen and Ansger Bruun:
An efficient algorithm library for priority queues
12:00Michael Rink (TU Ilmenau):
On very space efficient hash tables
12:30Peter Sanders (KIT Karlsruhe):
Simple and fast nearest neighbor search
13:00Closing Remarks
Post-conference event
13:30Soccer game GERMANY - SERBIA