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Dr. habil. Klaus Reinhardt

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Institut für Informatik
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Dr. habil. Klaus Reinhardt

Foto Klaus Reinhardt

Foto Klaus Reinhardt

February 2005, Habilitation in Computer Science,
University of Tübingen
Thesis: Counting as Method, Model and Task in
Theoretical Computer Science [Rei05]
Habilitation-colloquium: February 16, 2005

July 1994, PhD in Computer Science (Dr.rer.nat), University of Stuttgart
Thesis: Priority-multicounter-automata and the synchronization of semitrace-languages [Rei94b]
Date of defence: July 7, 1994
Promoter: Prof. Dr. V. Diekert    

September 1989, Diploma (MSc) in Computer Science, University of Stuttgart
Thesis: Hierarchies with alternating pushdown-automata, alternating grammars and finite transducers''
October 1984 - September 1989, Studied computer science, University of Stuttgart with Linguistics and Mathematics as subsidiary subjects
October 1986, Vordiplom (B.S. degree) in Computer Science

June 1983, Abitur (university-entrance diploma)
September 1974 - June 1983, Highschool: Wilhelmsgymnasium    in Stuttgart
Prizes:National Mathematics Competition, Germany  (Bundeswettbewerb Mathematik), 1982:

  • First price in the first round,
  • Third price in the second round.Best paper award in track B of ICALP 2012 [DKRW12]

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