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Heike Stephan

Phd student

My research goal is to develop an algorithm, based on the Earley algorithm, that compiles queries to deductive databases to executable programs. By means of partial deduction, from a query to a logic program a parameterized automaton is to be generated that models the evaluation of this query. This automaton can be compiled to executable code and executed for varying extensional data relations. We expect an improved runtime performance of query evaluation compared to other methods of prepocessing like the Magic Sets method. This could make the use of deductive databases more attractive for processing large amounts of data.


S. Brass, H. Stephan: A Variant of Earley Deduction with Partial Evaluation   . In W. Faber, D. Lembo (Eds.): Web Reasoning and Rule Systems - 7th International Conference, RR 2013, 35-49, Springer, LNCS 7994, 2013.