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Open Thesis Topics

  • Axiomatic Argumentative Web Scale Document Re-ranking
  • Entity Linking for Comparatiive Questions
  • Ideological Bias in Word-Embeddings
  • Improving HiCAL's Ranking for Systematiic Reviews
  • Learning-to-Rank and the Novelty-Principle
  • Learning to Rank Using Only Outdated Training Data
  • Natural Language Answer Generation for Comparative Question Answering
  • Open Page Hunt: Gamification for Research in Information-Retrieval
  • Re-Ranking for Total Recall in Systematic Reviews
  • Simulating Search Bahavior

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WS 2020/21

SS 2020

WS 2019/20

SS 2019

WS 2018/19

  • Preparation and Implementation of Presentations in Computer Science - Information Retrieval
  • Search Algorithms
  • Web Search and Information Retrieval