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Research Image Analysis

Research Image Analysis

Research Image Analysis


We are working on the automatic analysis of sensor data and in general on the recognition of patterns in data. Our main focus is on image data. By using and developing further conventional methods for image processing and analysis as well as modern approaches based on machine learning and deep neural networks we work out solutions for, e.g., object detection or image segmentation problems as well as for the quantitative characterization of objects and effects in images and their further analysis and evaluation.

Many of our current research questions originate from the life sciences and we usually work in close collaboration with biologists, people from the medicine or agricultural scientists.

Projects & Research Topics

Project iQ-Hemp as part of DiP    

DiP - iQ-Hemp - Digitalization in quality management of the industrial hemp value chain

In this project we are working on the automatic image-based quality evaluation of industrial hemp, during the roast phase on the field as well as at later stages in the processing pipeline.

The project gets financial support from the Bundesministerium für BIldung und Forschung (BMBF)     within the project DiP Sachsen-Anhalt Modellregion der Bioökonomie     running from April 2024 to the end of 2028. It is carried out in  cooperation with Prof. Janna Macholdt, Agronomy and Organic Farming, Institute of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg.

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