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it - Information Technology

Methods and Applications of Informatics and Information Technology

A scientific journal published by de Gruyter Oldenbourg Publishers

Special Issues

2018 (planned schedule)

  • Computing Education
    edited by Torsten Brinda, Duisburg/Essen

  • Human Computation
    edited by Francois Bry and Clemens Schefels, Munich

  • Data Driven Decision Support
    edited by Stefan Thalmann, Graz

  • Industry 4.0
    edited by Harald Schöning, Software AG

  • Swarm Intelligence
    edited by Rolf Wanka, Erlangen-Nuremberg

  • (open)


  • Energy Informatics (Part II)
    edited by Sebastian Lehnhoff, Oldenburg

  • Vulnerability Analysis
    edited by Konrad Rieck, Göttingen

  • Modern Database Architectures for Modern Hardware
    edited by Wolfgang Lehner, Dresden

  • Data Integration in Life Sciences
    edited by Hans-Ulrich Prokosch, Erlangen-Nuremberg

  • Multicore Technology in the Mobility Domains
    edited by Jürgen Becker, Karlsruhe

  • The Next Urban Paradigm: Cohabitation in the Smart City
    edited by Markus Foth, Queensland


  • Energy Informatics
    edited by Sebastian Lehnhoff and Astrid Niesse, Oldenburg

  • Bioinformatics challenges of Next Generation Sequencing
    edited by Ivo Grosse and Katrin Hoffmann, Halle.

  • Computer Science in Humanities
    edited by Manfred Thaller, Cologne

  • Big Data Analytics
    edited by Erhard Rahm, Leipzig

  • Usable Privacy and Security
    edited by Alexander de Luca and Emanuel von Zezschwitz, Munich.

  • Invasive Computing
    edited by Jürgen Teich, Erlangen-Nuremberg.


  • Visual Analytics
    edited by Daniel Keim and Tobias Schreck, Konstanz

  • Robot Control Architectures
    edited by Karsten Berns, Kaiserlautern, Rüdiger Dillmann, Karlsruhe, and Erik Maehle, Luebeck

  • Dependable Embedded Systems
    edited by Jörg Henkel, Karlsruhe

  • Autonomous Driving
    edited by J. Marius Zöllner and Thomas Schamm, Karlsruhe

  • Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization
    edited by Andreas Gladisch, T-Labs, and Wolfgang Kellerer, Munich.

  • From IT forensics to forensic computing
    edited by Felix Freiling, Erlangen-Nuremberg.


  • Engineering Adaptive Software Systems
    edited by Norbert Ritter, Hamburg

  • Petri Nets in the Biosciences
    edited by Ina Koch, Frankfurt, Wolfgang Reisig, Berlin, and Falk Schreiber, Halle

  • Architecture of Web Applications
    edited by René Peinl, Hof

  • Testing Integrated Circuits
    dedicated to Bernd Becker, Freiburg, on the occasion of his 60th birthday
    edited by Rolf Drechlser, Bremen

  • Social Media
    edited by Katrin Weller and Markus Strohmaier, Cologne

  • Reliable Secure Software Systems
    edited by Heiko Mantel, Darmstadt


  • Cyber Physical Systeme (Part II)
    edited by Manfred Broy, Munich

  • Smart Energy Systems
    edited by Hartmut Schmeck, Karlsruhe

  • High-Performance Computing
    edited by Hans- Joachim Bungartz, Munich

  • Internet Challenges
    edited by Anja Feldmann, Berlin

  • The Unstoppable Rise of Open Source
    edited by Dirk Riehle, München

  • Security in Business Process Management
    edited by Rafael Accorsi, Freiburg