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Methods and Applications of Informatics and Information Technology

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Column: Distinguished PhD Theses


  • On robust spatial filtering of EEG in nonstationary environments by Wojciech Samek (recommended for GI Dissertation Award 2014)


  • An overview of dynamic resource scheduling on graphics processors by Markus Steinberger (GI Dissertation Award 2013)
  • Model-Based Analysis of Cerebrovascular Diseases Combining 3D and 4D MRA Datasets by Nils Daniel Forkert (recommended for GI Dissertation Award 2013)
  • Quantifying and Protecting Location Privacy by Reza Shokri (recommended for GI Dissertation Award 2013)
  • The real-time rendering of subdivision surfaces using hardware tesselation by Matthias Nießner (recommended for GI Dissertation Award 2013)
  • Privacy issues in the Domain Name System and techniques for self-defense by Dominik Herrmann (GI Dissertation Award 2014 and CAST/GI Dissertation Award IT-Security 2014)


  • Analysing Java's safety guarantees under concurrency by Andreas Lochbihler (recommended for GI Dissertation Award 2012)
  • Learning motor skills: from algorithms to robot experiments by Jens Kober (recommended for GI Dissertation Award 2012)
  • On the insecurity of XML Securiy by Juraj Somorovsky (CAST/GI Dissertation Award IT-Security 2013)


  • Search and Learning in the Immune System: Models of Immune Surveillance and Negative Selection by Johannes Textor (GI Dissertation Award 2011)
  • Kernel-Based Machine Learning with Multiple Sources of Information by Marius Kloft (recommended for GI Dissertation Award 2011)
  • Ontology-Based Application Integration on the User Interface Level by Heiko Paulheim (recommended for GI Dissertation Award 2011)
  • Wireless Devices and Cryptography: About Digital Pickpocketing, Open Sesame and Tracking Paranoia by Timo Kasper (CAST/GI Dissertation Award IT-Security 2012)


  • Virtual Separation of Concerns: Toward Preprocessors 2.0 by Christian Kästner (GI Dissertation Award 2010)
  • Automatic Adaption of User Interfaces to Cultural Preferences by Katherina Reinecke (recommended for GI Dissertation Award 2010)
  • Privacy and Security Assessment of Biometric Template Protection by Xuebing Zhou (CAST/GI Dissertation Award IT-Security 2011)
  • Automated HW/SW Co-Verification of SystemC Designs Using Timed Automata by Paula Herber (recommended for GI Dissertation Award 2010)


  • Management of Converged Multi-Radio Networks authored by Joachim Sachs (Laureate of the Research Award 2010 of Vodafone Foundation)
  • Paper-Centric User Interfaces for Integrating printed and Digital Documents authored by Jürgen Steimle (GI Dissertation Award 2009)
  • Self-learning Network Intrusion Detection authored by Konrad Rieck (CAST/GI Dissertation Award IT-Security 2010)
  • An Approach to XML Information Retrieval in Distributed Systems authored by Judith Winter (recommended for GI Dissertation Award 2009)
  • Code-injection Vulnerabilities in Web Applications - Exemplified at Cross-site Scripting authored by Martin Johns (recommended for GI Dissertation Award 2009)


  • Efficient Adaptive Retrieval and Mining an Large Multimedia Databases authored by Ira Assent (Dissertationspreis 2008 des GI Fachbereiches Dtenbanken und Informationssysteme)
  • Synthesis of Distributed Systems by Sven Schewe (GI-Dissertationspreis 2008)
  • Evaluation Techniques for Internet Voting Systems by Melanie  Volkamer (recommended for GI-Dissertationspreis 2008)
  • Modelling and Verification of Medical Guidelines by Jonathan Schmitt (recommended for GI-Dissertationspreis 2008)
  • Dynamic Object Flow Analysis by Adrian Lienhard (Laureate of the Dissertationspreis der Ernst Denert-Stiftung 2009)


  • Computational Aspects of Combinatorial Pricing Problems authored by Patrick Briest (GI-Dissertationspreis 2007)
  • Dynamic Selfish Routing authored by Simon Fischer (recommended for GI-Dissertationspreis 2007)
  • Algorithms and Experiments for Parameterized Approaches to Hard Graph Problems authored by Falk Hüffner (recommended for GI-Dissertationspreis 2007)
  • User-centered, Graphical Interaction Metaphord for In-Vehicle Information Systems authored by Verena Broy (recommended for GI-Dissertationspreis 2007)
  • Dublicate Detection Exploiting Data Relationships authored by Melanie Herschel (recommended for GI-Dissertationspreis 2007)
  • Electronic Negotiation Support Systems and Their Role in Business Communication - An Exploratory Evaluation of Auction Use authored by Frank Köhne (Dissertationspreis 2008 der Alcatel-Lucent-Stiftung für Komunikationsforschung)


  • Motion Estimation in Real-Time with Optimisation Methods authored by Andres Bruhn  (GI-Dissertationspreis 2006)
  • The Role of Features and Aspects in Software Development authored by Sven Apel (Laureate of Ernst Denert-Siftung für Softwareengineering 2007)
  • Efficient Methods for Solving 3D-Puzzle-Problems authored by Simon Winckelbach (recommended for GI-Dissertationspreis 2006)
  • A GPU Framework for Interactive Simulation and Rendering of Fluid Effects authored by Jens Harald Krüger (recommended for GI-Dissertationspreis 2006)
  • Specification and Verification of Spatio-Temporal Properties of Mobile Systems authored by Andreas Schäfer (recommended for GI-Dissertationspreis 2006)


  • An XML-based Component Architecture for Interactive Three-dimensional Multimedia Applications authored by Raimund Dachselt  (recommended for GI-Dissertationspreis 2004)
  • Provable Security in Quantum Cryptography authored by Renato Renner  (GI-Dissertationspreis 2005)
  • Knowledge Sharing and Trading on Electronic Marketplaces authored by Roland Müller (recommended for GI-Dissertationspreis 2006)
  • Classboxes - Controlling Visiblity of Class Extentions von Alexandre Bergel (Laureate of Ernst Denert-Siftung für Softwareengineering 2006)


  • Analysis and synthesis of integrated antennas for mobile phones taking the users’ influence into account authored by Dirk Manteuffel (Förderpreis der Vodafone-Stiftung für Forschung 2004)
  • Efficient self-configuration of mobile ad hoc networks authored by Kilian Weniger (Förderpreis der Vodafone-Stiftung für Forschung 2005)
  • Efficiency and Quality of Service of IP Networks authored by Oliver Heckmann  (GI-Dissertationspreis 2004)
  • Realtime Ray Tracing and Interactive Global Illumination authored by Ingo Wald (SaarLB Wissenschaftspreis 2005)
  • Internet Integration of Vehicular Ad Hoc Netwoks authored by Marc Bechler (recommended for GI-Dissertationspreis 2004)
  • Prediction of Potential Operators Errors for Safety Critical System Designs authored by Andreas Lüdtke (recommended for GI-Dissertationspreis 2004)


  • Volume Rendering Techniques for General Purpose Graphics Hardware
    authored by Christof Rezk Salama (recommended for GI-Dissertationspreis 2002)

  • Verified Java Bycode Verification
    authored by Gerwin Klein (GI-Dissertationspreis 2003)

  • On Non-standard Fault Models for Logic Digital Circuits: Simulation, Design for Testability, Industrial Applications
    authored by Ilia Polian (recommended for GI-Dissertationspreis 2003)

  • Data Management and Routing in General Networks
    authored by Harald Räcke (recommended for GI-Dissertationspreis 2003)

  • Formally Founded Business Process Modeling
    authored by Veronika Thurner (Laureate of Ernst-Denert-Stiftung for Softwareengineering 2004)


  • Online error detection and fast recover techniques for dependable embedded processors
    authored by Matthias Pflanz (recommended for GI-Dissertationspreis 2001)

  • Evolutionary Testing of the Temporal Behaviour of Real-Time Systems
    authored by Joachim Wegener (Laureate of Ernst-Denert-Stiftung for Softwareengineering 2002)

  • Logic and Computer Science - Results of the dissertations awarded with the GI-Dissertation Award 2002
    authored by Nicole Schweikardt and Stephan Kreutzer (GI-Dissertationspreis 2002)

  • Split-step wavelet collocation methods for linear and nonlinear optical wave propagation
    authored by Tristan Kremp (ITG Förderpreis 2003)

  • Run-time support for mobile codes
    authored by Holger Peine (recommended for GI-Dissertationspreis 2002)

  • Asymmetrical Evolution Strategies
    authored by Lars Hildebrand (recommended for GI-Dissertationspreis 2002)


  • Qualitätsgesteuerte Anfragebearbeitung für Integrierte Informationssysteme
    authored by Felix Naumann (GI-Dissertationspreis 2000)

  • Eine interaktive Robotersteuerung für chirurgische Applikationen
    authored by Andreas Hein (recommended for GI-Dissertationspreis 2000)

  • Evolutionäre Optimierung dynamischer Probleme
    authored by Jürgen Branke (recommended for GI-Dissertationspreis 2000)

  • Schnell konvergierende adaptive Entzerrer
    authored by Christian Drewes (ITG Förderpreis 2001)

  • Generative Maßschneiderung von Laufzeitplattformen für eingebettete Systeme
    authored by Lothar Baum (Laureate of Ernst-Denert-Stiftung for Softwareengineering 2001)

  • Beobachten des Internet: Traum oder Wirklichkeit
    authored by Felix Gärtner (GI-Dissertationspreis 2001)